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Lady Gaga is "hooked on Antiques Roadshow"

Posted 4 years 55 days ago ago by Gary Sullivan     0 Comments


Lady Gaga Antiques Roadshow fan
I just read on AFA News that Lady Gaga is "hooked on Antiques Roashow" and watches it all the time. Gaga, if you're out there, give me a call. We have to get you interested in collecting early American antique furniture!

I was not at the Roadshow event in Minneapolis last weekend, but it apparently produced a number of big ticket items. The standout was a bronze sculpture entitled "Mountain Man" by Frederic Remington. It was valued at $250-300,000.  A yellow diamond engagement ring weighing 3.4 carats was appraised at $140-160,000. and a couple of paintings hit $100,000. each! Must have been an exciting day on the set. Sorry I missed it.

Lady Gaga Antiques Roadshow fan

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