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Archive: August 2012


The joy of discovery

Posted by Matt Buckley        0 Comments


    Discovering and exploring the virtues of a newly acquired antique is the great joy of this industry. Examining the aesthetics of a piece and comparing it against the ideal of the form is an important and subjective aspect of an evaluation. In contrast, investigating the history of a piece to establish a firm provenance contributes in a more concrete manner and [Read More...]

John Collins ca 1845.jpg

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The challenges of selling antiques online

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Doing business on the web brings a whole new set of issues that we would prefer not to have to deal with in the antiques and fine art business.   We had a problem a few years ago when a predatory internet company created a mirror of our web site and was making money by redirecting our visitors to other sites where they could buy $12.00 clocks and junk furniture. It [Read More...]


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New Hampshire Antiques week well attended

Posted by Gary Sullivan        1 Comments


I just spent two days attending the Antiques Week festivities in New Hampshire. I’m happy to report that I bought well at the three shows that I attended. The New Hampshire Antique Dealer’s Show is always a worthwhile venue. I thought I was arriving plenty early when I got in line at 8:50 yesterday morning for a 10:00 opening. I was wrong! There were already 214 people in line ahead of me. I prepaid my entrance fee and was given sticker number 215. [Read More...]

New Hampshire Antiques show.jpg

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Bonnie & Clyde pocket watch offered at auction

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On a quiet May morning in 1934, the most wanted bank-robbing gangster Clyde Barrow and his equally notorious accomplice Bonnie Parker fatally drove their car into an FBI ambush. The posse of lawmen fired over 130 bullets at the cornered couple, and when the smoke cleared, Bonnie and Clyde were dead.

Barrow was carrying his Elgin pocket watch when he met his violent end. That watch along [Read More...]

Clyde Barrow.jpg

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