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Archive: March 2013


Gary interviewed by syndicated columnist in a series estate antiques. #3 available

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Gary has been interviewed by syndicated columnist Marni Jameson for an ongoing series on evaluating and managing Estate antiques.  Marni has connected with Gary via his appraisal work on the PBS series Antiques Roadshow.  Gary offered Marni practical advice, that only an experienced antique expert knows, as she handled her parents estate. Follow each installment here on our blog by [Read More...]

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Antiques Week Update

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We have been very busy the last several months and the blog has been an unintended casualty. Preparing for the only show that we do in January each year is a tremendous amount of work. This year was no different. We brought a number of fine pieces of Americana to the Metro Show which took place during Antiques Week in NY City. This was only the second year for the show, which replaced The American [Read More...]

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