Early American Clock Styles

antique grandfather clocks ANTIQUE GRANDFATHER CLOCKS

antique grandfather clocks or tall case clocksThe most commonly recognized form of antique clock is typically referred to as a grandfather clock. Known among collectors as "tall case clocks" or "tall clocks", these early American antique clocks range in size, but are normally around eight feet tall.

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antique banjo clocksThe banjo clock was developed at the beginning of the 19th Century by renowned clock maker Simon Willard in Roxbury, Massachusetts. He called it his "Willard's Improved Patent Time Piece". Known today as Banjo clocks, these elegant wall clocks are prized by collectors.

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Antique Lighthouse Clocks LIGHTHOUSE CLOCKS

antique lighthouse clocksThe lighthouse clock is an extremely rare and unique clock form developed by Simon Willard of Roxbury (Boston), MA in the 1820's. It was created to offer an alarm mechanism in a high-style table or shelf clock.

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Antique Dwarf Clocks DWARF CLOCKS

antique dwarf clocksDwarf clocks were made to appear as a tall case clock, but measuring around four feet tall, they were scaled down and slightly more affordable than a full size grandfather clock. This style was previously referred to as a Grandmother clock. It was produced primarily in Southeastern Massachusetts, particularly in Hingham and Hanover, during the first quarter of the 19th Century.

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Antique Bracket Clocks BRACKET CLOCKS

antique bracket clocksBracket clocks are spring driven shelf clocks, produced throughout the 18th and 19th Centuries. Nearly all examples that bear American clockmaker's names were imported from Britain. It was common practice for American clock makers to order English bracket clocks, signed with their own names in place of the actual maker.

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Antique Shelf Clocks SHELF CLOCKS

antique Mass. shelf clocksCommonly referred to as the "Massachusetts Shelf Clock" or the "Mass. shelf clock", these clocks were most fashionable during the first third of the 19th Century. Often made by the Willards in Roxbury (Boston), Ma., they commonly appear in two distinct configurations.

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Antique Grafton Wall Clocks GRAFTON WALL CLOCKS

antique Grafton wall clocksGrafton wall clocks were sometimes called Willard experimental clocks or Willard timepieces. These small clocks were usually made in Grafton, Massachusetts, although some were made in Roxbury, Massachusetts. They were produced during the last quarter of the 18th Century.

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Antique Tavern Clocks TAVERN CLOCKS

antique tavern clocksThe American version of the tavern clock was produced during the first third of the 19th Century. The form was developed and popularized in England, but did not have the same success in America, subsequently examples from this period are relatively rare.

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Antique Mirror Clocks MIRROR CLOCKS

antique mirror clocksAntique mirror clocks are an attractive design that features a split column frame and a mirror in the lower tablet. Often called "New Hampshire Mirror clocks", this popular form was primarily produced in that state during the 1820's & 30's.

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