Antique dwarf clocks

antique dwarf clocksDwarf clocks were made to appear as a tall case clock, but measuring around four feet tall, they were scaled down and slightly more affordable than a full size grandfather clock. This style was previously referred to as a Grandmother clock. It was produced primarily in Southeastern Massachusetts, particularly in Hingham and Hanover, during the first quarter of the 19th Century. 

Diminutive dwarf clock cases appear in distinctive varieties, including both mahogany and paint decorated pine examples. They were produced as a more affordable alternative to a full size tall case clock. 

Clockmakers Joshua Wilder of Hingham, Mass. and his apprentice Reuben Tower, who worked in Hingham, Plymouth and Kingston, Mass. were the most prolific dwarf clock makers. The Bailey family of clockmakers from Hanover, Massachusetts was instrumental in the development of these fine dwarf clocks.

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