Mass. Shelf Clocks

antique mass. shelf clocksCommonly referred to as the "Massachusetts Shelf Clock" or the "Mass. shelf clock", these clocks were most fashionable during the first third of the 19th century. Often made by the Willards in Roxbury (Boston), Mass., they commonly appear in two distinct configurations. The earlier variation has a wooden front and a slightly kidney shaped dial. Collectors refer to these as "kidney dial Mass. shelf clocks". The later form of Massachusetts shelf clock, called the "dish dial" features a round dial with reverse-painted glass panels (eglomise). Rare early examples such as those made by clockmakers David Wood and Daniel Balch of Newburyport, Mass. can be found with tombstone shaped dials, some made of brass. Boston clockmaker Aaron Willard was the most prolific maker of dish dial Mass. shelf clocks.

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