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Antique Clocks

Our antique clocks have been serviced by our expert clock makers and are fully functioning. They are guaranteed to run for generations. We ship and install antique clocks anywhere in the United States.

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Antique Furniture

Our antique furniture is truly heirloom quality. We ship and install antique furniture anywhere in the United States.

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Our antique accessories are truly unique. We ship and install antique accessories anywhere in the United States.

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Reuben Tower Clocks

Reuben Tower antique tall clockReuben Tower (1795-1881) is another important member of the influential Quaker clockmakers working in southeastern Massachusetts. He was likely apprenticed to Joshua Wilder. Tower produced clocks in the same manner as Wilder and also married his daughter Ezra Wilder in 1819. (It was a surprisingly common occurrence for the apprentice to marry the master’s daughter.)

Reuben Tower antique banjo clockReuben Tower worked locally in the adjacent towns of Hingham, Hanover, Kingston and Plymouth. While he produced just two tall clocks and a handful of shelf clocks and banjo clocks, he specialized in fine dwarf clocks. Tower produced close to thirty dwarf clocks, all in very similar cases and styles to those made by Wilder. His clock movements are in cases also attributed to nearby Weymouth cabinetmaker Abiel White. His antique clocks are rarely for sale in the marketplace, but when available they are avidly pursue by collectors.

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