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Simon Willard Lighthouse Clock (Roxbury, Mass.)
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Simon Willard antique lighthouse clock
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An important mahogany "Alarum" antique lighthouse clock, made by Simon Willard, Roxbury, Mass. Circa 1820-25.

The fine brass movement of this Simon Willard antique lighthouse clock with painted dial and an original alarm mechanism is visible through the blown glass dome with shaped knob. The dial face retains a painted alarm disk for setting the time of the alarm, a component which rarely survives with the clock. The mahogany veneered clock case retains a wonderful old surface, including four ball form feet. The brass movement is of eight day duration and is in fine running condition.  This rare clock form, which is typically referred to as a Lighthouse clock, was created by the renown clockmaker Simon Willard and patented in 1819 as an “Alarum Timepiece”. These sophisticated, high-style clocks were among the first American shelf clocks to offer the conveniences of an alarm.   Simon Willard [born: Grafton Massachusetts April 3, 1753, died: Boston, Massachusetts August 30, 1848] was a highly prolific and innovative clockmaker for over sixty-five years and is responsible for a number of important refinements and patents which have forever impacted the form and function of American clocks. This antique lighthouse clock, which is signed on the porcelain dial “Simon Willard & Son’s / Patent”, was produced some time between 1823-26, during the partnership with his son Simon Willard Junior [1785-1874]. Antique lighthouse clocks are among the rarest clocks produced by Simon Willard; it is believed that less than one hundred examples survive.




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