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Archive: March 2012


Royalties for artists: my viewpoint

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I recently came across this article by Daniel Grant on AFA News. It examines the controversial California resale royalties law. According to the law, contemporary art collectors, auctioneers, galleries and dealers are required to pay a 5% royalty to original artists upon resale of that artist’s work. Amazingly, they are required to pay royalties to the artist’s heirs if that artist has died within the last 70 years..Several recent law suits have brought attention to the California law which Read More...

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"Springing" back to business

Posted by Matt Buckley        0 Comments


Gary and I were just chuckling about the fact that we feel we are finally recovered from the Metro NYC show we did back in January. Each year we put so much effort into our booth that it takes almost as much time to recuperate as it does to prepare. This is by no means a complaint, but more of realization of fact. Read More...

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Winterthur: Furniture Forum 2012

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I have just returned from the Winterthur 2012 Furniture Forum, where I lectured on the subject of northern clockmakers trading with the southern market during the 1st quarter of the 19th century. It was entitled “Clocks For Corn: Northern Clockmakers Trading With The South”. Read More...

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