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Delaware Show 2015 - Continued Success
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We began to gear up for the 2015 Delaware Antique show in mid-September. This was close on the heels of a busy Summer and Fall, following the opening of the new gallery.  It was a new and far easier experience putting together the show from the gallery. The result was another great show in Delaware.  The attendees are intelligent and well informed enthusiasts. The proximity of the show to Winterthur Museum seems to attract them and it is a pleasure to have them in our booth. They were eager to purchase furniture this year, which was good because we had a much larger booth along the back wall.  The booth was almost twice a wide and full of nearly 20 clocks of various forms and even more furniture and decorations. Click here to view a brief video showing a portion of the booth.

Please be sure to visit us at our new gallery around the holidays and definitely join us next year in Delaware.

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