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Unusual southeastern Massachusetts Federal games table.
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The 2011 Antiques Roadshow season has come to an end. We visited Pittsburgh over the weekend and wrapped up the the season in style. Still another rhinoceros horn libation cup turned up for still another six figure appraisal price! And no, the owner was completely unaware of the recent record breaking appraisal by Lark Mason of a collection of similar cups (see July 29, 2011 blog).

It was a good day for me. I had fun appraising an entertaining, memory stimulating and thought provoking 1970s Tiki bar that could have some serious value to the right collector. Who knew that there were so many serious collectors of Tiki culture? I certainly didn't until I did some research. I don't quite understand it, but trust me, there are! (please do not contact me to buy, appraise or admire your Tiki furniture! It is not my area of interest)

I was surprised to see a circa 1810 Hepplewhite demi-lune card table (or games table) that seemed to be made right in my area of southeastern Massachusetts. It has lots of naive inlay that is reminiscent of some of the Federal furniture that we see around here. The table has a family history from Massachusetts, albeit a little further north. The heavy band of floral inlay around the perimeter of the playing surface is very unusual. I certainly didn't expect a quirky local table to turn up in Pittsburgh.

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