Nicholas Blasdel Tall Clock (Amesbury, Mass.)

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Blasdel early American tall case clock


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A rare and important early American antique tall case clock, by Nicholas Blasdel, Amesbury, Massachusetts, circa 1760.

This important early American tall case clock was produced by a member of one of America's first families of clockmakers, Nicholas Blasdel or Blaisdell [1743-1800]. The Blaisdell family, centered in North coastal Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire and Maine, were responsible for producing at least twelve clockmakers over three generations. Their tall case clocks were among the first examples produced in Colonial America and are typically brass dial examples with simple iron movements fashioned in the manner of late 17th Century European lantern clocks. Nicholas (Nicolas) Blasdel was born in Amesbury, Massachusetts in 1743. He was a third generation clockmaker, the son of David Blaisdell and Grandson of Jonathan. After 1764 he moved first to Newmarket, New Hampshire and later to Falmouth and Portland, Maine where he died in 1800. Tall case clocks produced by Nicholas are among the rarest by any Blaisdell family member. In addition to this clock, only two other examples have been documented. This tall case clock survives in excellent condition with a rare sarcophagus top and a fine early painted surface. Tall case clocks from this early period seldom survive and even fewer in this wonderful state of preservation. This fine condition, combined with the importance of this rare clockmaker, establish this tall case clock as one of the most important examples from this early period of Colonial clock making. A circular pewter boss is found in the lunette and is engraved with the clockmakers name “Nicolas Blasdel” [sic].


Height: 85 1/2”; Width 19”; Depth 11”



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