Simon Willard Banjo Clock (Roxbury, Mass.)

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Simon Willard banjo clock


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A fine Federal mahogany and eglomisé antique patent time piece, by Simon Willard, Roxbury, Massachusetts, Circa 1805-10.

This Simon Willard banjo clock is in fine original condition with an amazing old surface which appears to be original. It is exceptionally rare to find any Simon Willard banjo clock “in the Black”. This handsome banjo clock is among the first generation of these patent time pieces produced by the innovative clockmaker Simon Willard [1753-1858] of Roxbury, Massachusetts. This successful form was patented by Willard in 1802 as the “Improved Timepiece” but is more commonly referred to as a “banjo” clock. Examples like this, with cross-banded frames and understated geometric eglomisé panels, were made in the shops of Simon Willard during the first years of his patent. Although numerous fine examples of banjo clocks were made by his apprentices over the next twenty-five years, these rare, early examples are the most prized. The clock is enhanced by a superb single family provenance, available to the purchaser.



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