Daniel Munroe Banjo Clock (Concord, Mass.)

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antique Concord banjo clock


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A Concord type antique banjo clock with fine reverse painted panels, attributed to Daniel Munroe, Concord, Massachusetts, circa 1815.

This unsigned example of an antique Concord banjo clock with gilt rope moldings and painted iron dial, has a butterfly bridge and Concord style scrolled pendulum tie down which are clear indications of area of manufacture. The brass side arms have oval lozenge shaped spacers, rather than the traditional diamond shape, which are associated with Munroe. The throat glass with gilt scrolls and inscription "Patent" is above a finely painted lower glass depicting five naval ships on calm seas. The panel has gilt leaf and palmette border and is titled in a red banner "The Constitution's Escape".


Height overall: 33 1/2"



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