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The American Antiques Show (TAAS) cancelled

Posted 4 years 184 days ago ago by Matt Buckley     1 Comments


The American Antiques Show, held in New York during antiques week will no longer be the place to find us in January. In the midst of financial difficulties, The Folk Art Museum has chosen not to continue with the show that has come to be known as TAAS. The museum has turned the show over to The Art Fair Company, an organization that runs high end art shows. Under the new management, it apparently will be quite a different show. Karen DiSaia has done a great job of managing the show for the museum, but based on what I know about The Art Fair Company, I'm sure the new show will be terrific. Even though the name and ownership of the show will change, the Folk Art Museum will still benefit from the gala preview party. I'm looking forward to learning more about the show and the possibly of being an exhibitor.


  • 4 years 155 days ago
    What a shame. This was a great show and I always enjoyed it immensely and considered it to be a highlight of Americana week. The size and atmosphere were just right to really enjoy one's time there, and even those of us that are not rich could still find things to buy. That has not been my experience at the Winter show, where everything is really out of my reach. Also, what it represents as a societal issue, the struggles that museums are currently facing, is very worrisome. It seems that our society has decided that it can afford wars but not culture.


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