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The joy of discovery

Posted by Matt Buckley        0 Comments


    Discovering and exploring the virtues of a newly acquired antique is the great joy of this industry. Examining the aesthetics of a piece and comparing it against the ideal of the form is an important and subjective aspect of an evaluation. In contrast, investigating the history of a piece to establish a firm provenance contributes in a more concrete manner and [Read More...]

John Collins ca 1845.jpg

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Accumulating fresh merchandise for “Antiques Week” in January

Posted by Gary Sullivan        1 Comments


We have just acquired a few special items that will appear at the opening night preview party for the 2012 Metro NYC Show in January. If you are planning your visit to New York for the festivities, you’ll notice one major change in the Antiques Week schedule. There will be no 2012 TAAS Show, at least not by that name. In 2012, TAAS, also known as “The American Antiques Show”, also known as “The Folk Art Show” will live on in slightly different [Read More...]

TAAS Booth 2011.jpg Gary Sullivan Inc.jpg

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This is what keeps us going - the thrill of the hunt!  As dealers we are always dreaming of making that big discovery, the sleeper that will make a difference. It still happens, as evidenced by the story below. I have made a few through the years, but I’m still waiting for the “big one”.

We did make a nice discovery in an auction box lot last year, maybe not as spectacular as the one in [Read More...]


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Today’s random unrelated thoughts for the antiques blog

Posted by Gary Sullivan        2 Comments


We recently bought an interesting Federal chest on chest from the Salem, MA school of cabinetmakers and wood carvers. We have just begun doing a little research on it. Matt was pretty excited to find that the carved rosettes are a nearly identical match to some attributed to the McIntire workshop by Dean Lahikainan in his book entitled, Samuel McIntire, Carving an American Style. It’s nice when the research supports our initial impressions. The [Read More...]

Carved rosette attributed to Samuel McIntire, Salem, Mass

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Prices now posted on much of my inventory

Posted by Gary Sullivan        1 Comments


For some time I have debated in my mind whether or not to post our inventory prices online. Historically we have followed the antique dealer convention of not posting the prices, but after a recent experiment resulted in increased activity, I’ve reconsidered. You’ll now find the price listed on select objects. Take a look and let me know what you think. Better still, find an object that you can’t live without!

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Ultra rare John Goddard games table acquired.

Posted by Gary Sullivan        0 Comments


We bought a superb Newport demi-lune games table at CRN Auctions last weekend. It was made in Newport, RI., and has a wonderful cabriole front leg with carved ball & claw foot and carving on the knee. The table dates to the 1760s and has the classic Newport style undercut carved talons on the Chippendale front foot and Queen Anne style feet in the rear. The semi-circular top flips open to reveal a storage well for the card-playing supplies of the [Read More...]

Newport tea table.jpg Newport tea table foot detail

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Highboy Rescue at Wyoming Auction

Posted by Gary Sullivan        3 Comments


We have just purchased a “$650.” highboy for $60 thousand! Although I wish the numbers were reversed, I’m thrilled with the discovery and acquisition. Situations like this are what make the antiques business so fascinating and have certainly helped to hold my interest through the years.

What happened is this: In mid February I received a letter from a panicked beneficiary of a trust, who informed me that several antique objects from her [Read More...]

Cushing hightchest 2011 Cushing at Western Reserve 1969

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