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Archive: November 2011


Accumulating fresh merchandise for “Antiques Week” in January

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We have just acquired a few special items that will appear at the opening night preview party for the 2012 Metro NYC Show in January. If you are planning your visit to New York for the festivities, you’ll notice one major change in the Antiques Week schedule. There will be no 2012 TAAS Show, at least not by that name. In 2012, TAAS, also known as “The American Antiques Show”, also known as “The Folk Art Show” will live on in slightly different [Read More...]

TAAS Booth 2011.jpg Gary Sullivan Inc.jpg

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“Unearthing artifacts from a revolting repository”

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As a 12 year old interested in all things historic, I devoted a great deal of time to searching for the objects of my passion, antique bottles. I would scour antiques and junk shops and occasionally buy the interesting ones that I could afford. Those being under about two dollars. Being on a limited [Read More...]

Bitters Bottle.jpg Oil lamp.jpg

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I just don’t get some types of art!

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I realize that there are many different types of art and that the people to whom that art appeals are as wide ranging as the art itself. I have to say though, that I struggle to understand some types of modern and abstract art. Take the digital photo that was just sold at Christies in New York for example. I get the fact that it was produced by a highly regarded photographer. I also get the fact that it is thought provoking and interesting. What I [Read More...]

Gursky Rhein II.jpg

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First new American art museum in half a century

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Here is a story from Antiques and the Arts Weekly.  I find it to be encouraging
First Major Museum For American Art Established In Almost A Half Century Opens 
  If you are a fan of adventurous museum buildings and great American art, you are going to love the new Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and its world-class collection. Marking a significant development on the US cultural scene, the institution, the brainchild of Alice B. Walton, daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton, opened to the public on November 11. It is the first major museum devoted to American art established in almost a half century.
[Read More...]

Copley.jpg Pollock.jpg Heade.jpg

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Steampunk? What the heck is “steampunk”?

Posted by Gary Sullivan        2 Comments


If you have not yet heard of the art-form called steampunk, please permit me to enlighten you. I’m a big fan of steampunk sculpture and I’m in fact a steampunk artist. By way of a definition, steampunk art asks the following question: What would objects look like if modern technology had existed in the Victorian, stem-powered era? Jules Vern’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The [Read More...]

Steampunk Top Hat.jpg Perambulator.jpg

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Matt attends design seminar by David Easton

Posted by Matt Buckley        0 Comments


Matt here again,
Earlier this week, I had the good fortune of attending yet another great seminar at the Boston Design Center. The speaker was the celebrated designer and architect David Easton. He presented an illustrated discussion of his works that was somewhat of a retrospective of his accomplishments. It is a [Read More...]

David Easton.jpg David Easton contemporary.jpg David Easton contemporary interior 1.jpg

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“Pilgrim Century” furniture discovery

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The keno Brothers revealed a remarkable discovery on Anderson Cooper’s show today. They unearthed a fantastically early chest, made in 1685, which makes it one of the oldest surviving chests made in America. It descended in the family of the woman who currently owns it. She [Read More...]

Kenos on Anderson Cooper.jpg

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