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Antiques Week in New Hampshire is upon us again!
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Every August, antiques nuts such as yours truly flock to Manchester, NH for “Antiques Week”. This year will be no different. As usual, the festivities will center around the New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association’s annual show (known within the trade as “the Dealers Show”). The NHADA show has been around since the beginning of time! Actually, for me it has. The first show took place the summer I was born.

The Northeast Auctions summer sale is about as big a draw as the Dealers Show. I spoke with auctioneer Ron Borgeault the other day and he’s happy with his offerings this weekend. His sale includes lots of folk art and country furniture, with some more formal things thrown in. I’m chasing a few objects on commission for my clients, but I’m certainly not planning to share those with you here.

There are nearly 200 dealers exhibiting between Frank Gaglio’s two shows, Manchester Pickers Market and Mid Week in Manchester, both of which are worth a visit. I’ve had good luck at both shows. There’s even a new 35 dealer show opening close by in Goffstown at the “From Out of the Woods Antique Center”.

Thousands of people come from all over the country to attend the auctions and antiques fairs. We have to start calling them antiques fairs, rather than shows, because that is the way the young and hip refer to them. Not that I’m young or hip, but I’m trying.

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