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1939 Pontiac "Ghost Car" sold at auction.

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I'm sure that like me, many of you think that classic and antique cars are extremely cool! This weekend, the coolest of the cool was sold at RM Auctions in Plymouth, MI. Known as the “Ghost Car”, this 1939 Pontiac was produced for the 1939 New York Worlds Fair in order to showcase an amazing new material called plexiglass. The entire body is constructed of clear plexiglass, with all of the structural and internal parts being visible. With it’s bones showing, It’s easy to see why this futuristic Read More...

Ghost car on illumiated display in 1939 Ghost car ready for auction

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Tintype photo of outlaw Billy The Kid sold for WHAT?

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The only authenticated photograph of legendary outlaw William H. Bonney, more commonly known as Billy The Kid, was recently sold for $2.3 million, but that's not the most interesting part of this story! The tiny 2" x 3" tintype image set a new record for an original photograph when it was sold to a collector at a Denver auction. Decades ago, based on this image, Billy The Kid became known as the left handed gun. A movie by that name was produced in 1958, starring Paul Newman as Billy. Only Read More...

Billy the Kid, original tin type image

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Skinner July 16th Science and Technology sale is online

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Robert Cheney has once again assembled an impressive selection of clocks, scientific instruments and mechanical devices for Skinner’s July 16th sale. Poking through the catalog of a sale like this is fun for those of us who like vintage mechanical oddities and such. The sale includes a pretty impressive grouping of Connecticut shelf clocks too. Be sure to spend plenty of time on our website before taking a look at theirs!! Nice work Robert.

Precision regulator by Charles Fasoldt, Albany, NY

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