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“Pilgrim Century” furniture discovery

Posted 4 years 28 days ago ago by Gary Sullivan     0 Comments


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The keno Brothers revealed a remarkable discovery on Anderson Cooper’s show today. They unearthed a fantastically early chest, made in 1685, which makes it one of the oldest surviving chests made in America. It descended in the family of the woman who currently owns it. She had some inkling that it was valuable because of it’s age, but was blown away when they gave it a value of a half million dollars on National television!
Pilgrim Chest Kenos discover on Anderson Cooper.jpg
So called “pilgrim century” furniture such as this was made in the first 100 years after the Pilgrims formed Plymouth Colony in 1620. Think about this fun fact.....In 1685 when this chest was made, the entire population of the American Colonies was less than what would now fit into two large college football stadiums. Consequently, the surviving examples of their furnishings nearly 400 years later are very few. The collectors of Pilgrim Century furniture are a small but rabid group and finer examples can command very high prices in the marketplace.  Here is a link to the video on Anderson Coopers site.

Kenos on Anderson Cooper.jpg

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