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"Springing" back to business

Posted 3 years 250 days ago ago by Matt Buckley     0 Comments


Metro Show 201208.JPG
It's the first day of Spring and Gary and I were just chuckling about the fact that we feel we are finally recovered from the Metro NYC show we did back in January. Each year we put so much effort into our booth that it takes almost as much time to recuperate as it does to prepare. This is by no means a complaint, but more of realization of fact.
We certainly got back what we put into the show. We sold a number of important American clocks and some terrific furniture pieces. The new promoter did a great job of updating the venue with a cleaner more attractive look. Additionally, attendance was way up. Have a look at some of the images I snapped during opening night. There were moments when the booth was too crowded to move and Gary and I reverted to shouting to each other to communicate. Maybe next year we will bring two-way radios. The whole week was busy and we enjoyed steady sales.
Metro Show 2012 gala.jpg
Once again this year, we were flattered to have Pat Kane visit our booth, to study several of our Rhode Island pieces of furniture. Pat is the Curator of American Decorative Arts at Yale University Art Gallery. She is actively compiling examples for the “Rhode Island Furniture Project” at Yale. It is an illustrated database of all known RI examples, really great stuff. Because of our proximity to Newport and Providence, Pat has learned that we handle great examples from this region and makes time to stopover at our booth.
Garys lecture.jpg
On the final day of the show, Gary took some time to offer a lecture in our booth. We are always working to demystify clocks and make them more approachable to our collectors. Gary gave a brief overview of tall clocks, in which he disassembled a tall case clock right down to the brass movement. He concluded with a hands-on, question and answer, that gave the audience a chance to handle the inner workings of an American clock. It was a great opportunity and a terrific way to end the show.
Each year, leading up to the show we compile a great group of fresh items that we keep under wraps through January. Now, with most of the legwork done from post-show deliveries and such, we have begun to list some of those items on our website. The timing couldn’t be better. It would seem that there has been some rediscovered vigor in the marketplace. As quickly as we list new items they seem to be finding buyers. The past six weeks have seen strong sales across all levels of collecting. We have to think of it as a good sign for all of us. Have a look at the website and keep watching.

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