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A virtual Museum of what?!
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Okay, it’s time for a tongue-in-cheek blog. If you lack a sense of humor, please stop reading here.

I came across a website today that gave me a chuckle. It is an air sickness bag virtual museum. That’s right, a virtual museum devoted to the “barf bag”. No joke, it’s legitimate. Take a look, but I hope you can stomach it! They have cataloged and illustrated over 2,000 of these bags from all over the world.
In the antiques and arts industry we have always said that people will collect anything, but who would have guessed?

The most interesting of these bags are the political lampoons. I didn’t realize that printing a motion sickness bag with your political opponent’s name on it had been adopted as means of maligning the opposition. Being from Massachusetts, I got a kick out of the anti Dukakis bag from the 1988 Presidential campaign: “The Duke makes us Puke”. There are many more. Some are artistically interesting enough to be incorporated into a poster that is available for purchase.  When I fly in the future I think I’ll start paying more attention to the artistic merits of the bags that they offer.  Have a look, click here

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